INTRO: (p.diddy)
Sometimes i dont think you motherf***ers understand where im coming from.. where im trying to get to..

Now we're going on terrible
I dont care what you say,
Now we're going on terrible
I dont care who they are
Now we're going on terrible
I had enough thats it
Now we're going on terrible
Im gonna live to the end cause now we're going on..

Are you really ready for this
style that'll get you in a twist
step back on the track
if you dont wanna get splat
then i'll dismiss,
thought you wanted a part of this?
Now put the fools in the grave
ya'll wanna still be brave? behave
do you have any G for the rave
get a trim, and a shave
You gotta look good for this
gotta just stand for this
gotta bus shoobs for this and get pissed
cause you're rolling with the wickedest
check this
spit, venomous shit with my click
when im tick you better come quick
long ting and you must be zipped
and my style is fresh
know you aint gotta light vest
so i aim straight for ya chest


Bet you didn't know i was a really money getter
me and my crew we're hot, we cant get better
everything i do is for the love and the cheddar
am i ever gonna stop? oh no, never ever
nuff of them boy wanna bredder
and they wanna bred it with me
but i be too clever
do you remember when i never had a tenner
out on the road and at the end now im tella
gonna show up with the doe and watch them eyes get redder
never gonna forget, i came from the gutter
im the brand new stutter
who wanna test badman under fire
nuff of them are cool blood
nuff of them are liars
am i gonna take them higher
a little bit of william
thats what you require
its the 2 triple 0 and my name's under fire
im burning up like a michellin tyre


All i know is thugs and criminals
my style is quite explainable
bet you didn't that it was capable
touch the mike and you'll come invisible
incredible, dont mind me cos wooo
hate my style cause its original
play my track upon the vinyl
now you know we're gone chronical
what do you know
living out in the ghetto
running from the five-o
bus some shots and im ready to blow
im going on bludclart double-o (woah)
check this if you like my flow
im biggin up the crew that pin the block
ripping off shots, whether its hot or not
bad boy blowing up the shot.


flowing on the microphone is a minor
i am the original style holder
who's that upon the microphone, guess you wonder
cant see me cause man will shoot ya
badman i come from all over
pass me the gun in any weather
autumn-spring, summer or winter
gone till i die, its a minor
dance that we ramjam, follow man, its our gang
breezey, wiley, flo-dan
kill any boy from any station
them 3 say im a true mic man
empty minded mc's, never like them ones
i ride for the intelligent ones
dangargan, my name' flo-dan
eh heh, thats why.


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